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One of the great features of directerly is that members can sign-up to your business directory online and create their own business listing. But what if you want to create a listing on their behalf?

As an admin you can create a listing for any of your members. Simply log-in to your directerly and go to Members & Listings > Add New Listing. This section allows you to create and customise a listing and assign a member. This process is similar to the listing setup that your advertising members would go through when they sign-up.

Listings allow you to add details for the business including contact details, Google Map location, opening hours and more. You can also add category tags to help define what the business does and make it easier to search for. You can add special connection levels to show how businesses connect to your organisation. Directerly even allows you to add a photo gallery of up to 8 images, video and a special offers or deals.

As an admin you have the ability to set Featured businesses by toggling on or off in the relevant section. Featured businesses will show up at the top of your business listings every time the site is viewed and will be identified with a star on their profile.

Directerly really is a simple and powerful online business directory. Why not sign up for a free 30 day trial and see for yourself?


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