Why Online Business Directories Make Sense

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As opposed to free online trade directories, purchasing space in a closed directory gives your business credibility and links you to an existing online community. These directories are moderated and reputable so that their community members can trust they are dealing with a legitimate service provider.

For advertisers, there are many obvious benefits, including:

  • Increased traffic – by linking back to your own website you are increasing your exposure via search engines
  • Effective – warm leads and referral business from a targeted community
  • Localised – listing in an online business directory in your region means more repeat business in your area
  • Budget friendly – usually only a few hundred dollars a year or less to list your business
  • Easy to manage – with your own login and access to your ad display, you are able to update content or include special offers at different times of the year

Its well known that people who’ve been referred by a peer typically stay loyal to a brand longer than those who discovered it by other means. In 2016, Facebook updated the “6 degrees of separation” theory to just 3.5 degrees separating its 1.6 billion users in 2016, making it clear that online communities are growing as an important marketing avenue for community-minded businesses.

By creating a directory your organisation is taking advantage of the opportunity to grow an online community and loyalty to your brand. Makes sense?


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