Is your School the heart of your community?

Parents and community school meeting

There are many benefits to be gained from establishing connections between schools and their local communities.

Strong relationships based upon trust and cooperation amongst teachers, principals, parents, local businesses, and residents can and do play an important role in improving schools and benefitting the greater community. When parents and community members are engaged in the life of a school, the resources available for teaching and the learning environment expand.

All schools should be seen not only as educational institutions but also as valuable collections of resources that can be used for strengthening the social and economic fabric of the entire community.

Every community has a group of institutions that support the individuals and associations found within – parks, churches, businesses, libraries and especially schools all have a role to play.

  • Schools can provide a central location to share information with local residents.
  • Schools may share facilities that can be used as meeting spaces or sites for community events.
  • Students may become volunteers and interns in local organisations and businesses.

Yet schools are not limited by their physical attributes when looking to contribute and support their community. An online directory can be used for information and resource sharing, volunteer recruitment or local business advertising. Listings can create a new income source and be customised to suit alumni and other VIPs. Making these connections and supporting these relationships, are the heart and soul of community building.

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