How to create Banner Ads with Ad Manager

Create Banner ads

Did you know that directerly allows you to add banner ads to your directory? You can use banner ads to promote your events and sponsors or you could generate extra revenue from advertisers looking for more visibility on your directory.

The banner ads are completely controlled by you, the admin, via the Ad Manager from the dashboard of your directerly site. You have space for up to 8 ads on your directory and you can even use the calendar settings to schedule these ads ahead of time.

Name your ad, add a link, set the date and upload the image then toggle ‘Show’ to send it live and make it visible on your site. It’s that simple. Once the ad exceeds the time set by you in the calendar it is automatically turned off and no longer visible on your site. It’s as easy as set and forget!

All ads are 480px wide by 400px high, so you can easily generate your own content or allow advertisers to generate their own advertisements and provide them to you, ready for scheduling. Directerly resizes ads for desktop, mobile and even allows them to be viewed on the directerly iOS or Android app.

It’s a simple way for you to generate extra income from your directory and add value for your members.

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