The Power of Referrals

“A trusted referral is the Holy Grail of advertising.” – Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO

Referrals generate more warm leads and lead to greater sales/customer uptake across all kinds of organisations – from not for profits to trades, entrepreneurs and professionals. Within a trusted community, referrals have the power to generate long-term repeat customers which represents tremendous value to any business.

So how do you tap into these referral networks? The key lies in getting an introduction. You could do this by providing a quality service, being reliable and fairly priced in what you do and then relying on word of mouth. But should you take a more direct approach?

Choosing where and how to promote your business to get value is an important decision. Advertising in a community or school business directory allows you to tap into a network of people who are influenced by recommendations of others within that community, and who trust the directory owner to represent reputable businesses. For the price of a small directory ad, you could achieve the holy grail.

Visit to start a community network in your area or talk to a local business, club, school or association who can help you get one underway.


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