Does your Online Business Directory Deliver?

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What does your business hope to gain from an online directory?

Generally businesses who take on a business directory aim to attract advertisers and therefore income whilst creating a vehicle to better connect with their communities. In reality, there are a large number of underpopulated, overpriced, disorganised directories out there that are poorly managed, badly designed and unpromoted. This is not necessarily the fault of the business. It’s often the fault of the directory service.

Many online directories are difficult to navigate and use, time-consuming to manage and expensive to setup. The employee assigned to manage an online directory service in any organisation isn’t necessarily a designer, marketer, or programmer so without simplicity, what may seem like a great idea just won’t deliver.

Directerly borrows from the great content management systems of the world and addresses these issues by providing users with ready-made design templates, automated billing and payment solutions, preset subscriber emails, video tours, and help tutorials.

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