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Directerly began from the simple idea of transforming the traditional printed business directory into an easy to manage online solution which would generate new business for it’s members, and build stronger communities in an online environment. The idea was born a number of years ago and directerly has been in development over the last 12 months before launching in November 2016.

Initially directerly’s focus was to help schools generate a revenue stream and connect parents with businesses in their school community, but interest in other community areas quickly became apparent.

Directerly’s Managing Director, Phil Winning said, “Having been in business for more than 25 years I understand how important a network or “tribe” is to business. Connecting with new customers and creating new networks is important to the success of any business – directerly provides a valuable way of connecting community members with trusted businesses.”

Directerly was developed around simplicity and functionality – simple to setup and use, easy to manage advertiser listings, and more importantly, a solution where visitors can easily search, view, contact or refer advertisers to a friend.

There are very few, if any, directory solutions suited to smaller community groups – we found similar solutions aimed at thousands of listings but these offered the kind of functionality that most communities would not need and made them less attractive to join.

We believe it is possible to build the ideal online community directory with as few as 50 listings – a select group of businesses that are well-regarded, trusted and active in the local community. The smaller directory owner will be able to generate income without the pressure of having to attract enough advertisers to gain a reasonable return on their investment.

By focusing on smaller community directories we have been able to deliver a solution that is easy to manage and maintain. We’d love to see a directerly in every school, church group, sporting club or community group – we’d love to help more businesses get connected in their local community.

Directerly aims to:

  • help businesses connect with new customers;
  • provide a fully automated SaaS solution that’s easy for both the directory owner and advertisers to use;
  • and to create a cost effective solution for schools, churches, club etc generate an ongoing revenue.

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