How to add a new member to your directerly

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One of the great things about directerly is that your advertising members can sign up and create their own membership profile and listing. Directerly creates automatic payment scheduling, offers secure payment options (Stripe & PayPal) and even sends out notifications so you don’t have to handle all the paperwork.

But what if you want to create your own members, or set up an new member manually? Don’t worry you can do that too!

All you have to do is navigate to Members & Listings > All Members in your Sidebar nav and then click the “Add new member” button.

Add a name, email address and password for your member and then add them to a member subscription plan. Here you can select from all of your available member pricing plans. If you can’t find the plan you are looking for you could always add a new plan or modify an existing plan in the Settings section. Watch our handy tutorial video to see how.

In the meantime, if you haven’t set up your very own directory,  you could sign up for our 30 day free trial and experience directerly for yourself?


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