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The best thing about directerly is that it makes managing your business directory online easy. You can generate an income from your business directory by setting member pricing plans ready for advertisers to sign-up automatically. From FREE to whatever price you want!

To view the pricing plan settings simply log in to your directerly and go to Settings > Member Plans. You can add up to 4 different pricing plans on your directory. Plans can include flexible time frames, free membership, optional trial periods and upgrade pathways for your members. Once the plans are set up by you they will be visible on your Advertising page, ready for members to sign up with you.

Members can sign up easily online and directerly walks them through the onboarding process. They can pay securely online and are billed and automatically. They also receive notifications, reminders and invoices from your directerly. Once they have set up their account with you they can log-in to create and modify their own directory listing.

The simple onboarding system provided by directerly means that you can easily create your own business directory without having to manage complicated paper trails or CMS systems. It also gives the power back to your members by allowing them to choose from a range of plans and create their own listing with their own content.

If you haven’t tried directerly yet, sign up for a free 30 Day Trial and see how easy it is to set up your own business directory.



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