How to customise listing options

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It’s so simple to customise the listing options for your directerly!

Use your sidebar nav in the admin dashboard of your directerly site to navigate to Settings > Listing Options. Here you will see a number of customisable options that you can edit.

Toggle on your ‘Auto Approval Setting’ to allow all listings created by your users to go live on your website automatically. Otherwise toggle this option off to be notified when new listings are created and have complete control over approvals.

You can also change your listing sort order to alphabetical or random. Random automatically reshuffles all listings on your homepage so that they appear in a different order every time the site is refreshed. Alpha makes all listings appear in alphabetical order all the time.

There is even space to modify your directory categories. We have added some pre-filled options to get you started but you can easily delete these by clicking ‘x’. Add your own categories by typing in the live text area and hitting ‘Enter’ when you’re done. After these have been entered and saved, your new categories will appear live on your website, ready for your users to assign to their business. It makes it so much easier for businesses to be searched for and found.

You can even modify the connection levels that are available for your users. Use our dropdown list for a bunch of pre-filled options or type your new connection level into the live text area and hit ‘Enter’ when you’re done. That’s it! Now your members will have your custom connection level options available when they create their listing. It’s a great way for them to show how they are connected to your business or organisation.

It really is that simple to customise your own directory. Why not sign up for a 30 day free trial today and see for yourself?


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